My car is a better christian than me


If aliens were to discover our planet and inspect the cars that we drive, they would believe many of us to be huge fans of fish. So much so that we put embalms of them on our bumpers.

You know they ones I am talking about, the small chrome fish stuck to the bumper of a Christian’s car.

My brother and I began calling these Jesus Fish when we were younger. It’s the Christian version of pimping my ride.

Instead of putting chrome rims on the wheels, we put chrome fish on the bumper. Jesus probably had one on the back of his donkey.

But Jesus didn’t come for our cars. He came for our hearts. The truth is, sometimes our cars are more Chirstian than we are. 

It’s not an external label that defines us but an internal conviction.

In Luke 6 Jesus speaks to this issue. He tells his disciples that a good tree can’t bear bad fruit but a bad tree cant bear good fruit.

We speak from the content of our heart, not from the decal on our bumper.

All too often I am content with the title of being a pastor, the few minutes I spent reading scripture the day before, or who saw the way I helped my wife around the house that I fall into the trap of letting those things define my relationship with God. In the same moment I will act out of anger, not pay attention to my wife, and neglect spending time with God.

I forget that God is more concerned with my heart now, than what I did before.  If our heart is good, good comes of it. If its not, then no matter what we do, it wont be as good as it can be, regardless of what’s on our bumper.