Scholarly Selfies

I don’t take many selfies (self shot photos). They are the latest craze however.

Everyone is the star of their own photo shoot.

Every now and again they are fine but On case you are wondering, I am not that interested in your 86th self shot photo of the day.

The lighting is bad and you should be using this time to do the laundry of he background of your selfie. Not taking another one.

I wonder what historians will use as historical sources in 2000 years. Will professors at the future universities of the world reference scholarly “selfies” and tweets that are detrimental to their research?

2000 years ago you had to be a ruler, a person of statues, a great war hero, or an infamous rebel to be penned in the annals of history.

Now we all right our own history, in 140 characters or less. We document our life whether we are a soccer mom, a college freshman, or a Billionaire.

Even though some stories get more press, more readers, and more interest, everyone gets an equal opportunity to tell their story. 

So what story are we telling?

Are we even telling a story?

I spend lots of time each week with the most tech savvy generation that has ever walked the planet, High school students.

And what I see is that they stories they are telling are the stories they think the world wants to hear, not the stories the world needs to hear.

And that is where most of us find ourselves.

The world wants to hear stories of success, so we pursue them and try to tell that story. The world wants to hear stories of vanity, so we try to look the part. The world wants to hear stories of “comfort”, so we pursue that ever elusive goal that is always slipping through out fingers even after the next promotion, or bonus, or milestone.

There has never been a time in the history of the world when so many have had an opportunity to communicate so much so fast. And those opportunities are only growing.

But is the story you are telling, the story you were created to tell.

Because there are stories the world wants to hear, but then there are stories the world needs to hear.

The world needs stories of irrational hope when international conflicts seem endless; Stories of unconditional love when the divorce rate in America hovers around half; stories of courageous generosity when millions starve, and freeze and die from easily preventable causes.

History is often a record of people who told stories the world needed to hear, in a time people wanted something else.  

What story are you telling?

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10



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WWJD if he were a Zombie?


I recently saw the movie World War Z. The movie follows Brad Pitt as he fights a one man war against the pending annihilation of the human race to a Zombie virus, infecting human beings in under 12 seconds.

The first question I have is: does he really need to wear his hipster scarf throughout the film? Is that the most necessary tool to fighting Zombies? He loses guns, knives, and all sorts of other resources, but don’t fear, his scarf resides snugly around his neck just incase he has Mumford and Sons tickets later that day.

Secondly, I wondered if this is how some people view Christians. We convert at random and sometimes by force, taking over all corners of the world. We don’t
spare the rich or the poor but at all costs infect all people with no purpose other than conversion and take over.

That’s what we do sometimes. But it isn’t necessarily what Jesus did, (looks like those WWJD bracelets were on to something after all). Jesus met a need while creating a relationship. He interacted with those who came near to him and pursued those who couldn’t or wouldn’t.

But he didn’t force himself upon people. He offered himself too people.

The first is about power, the second love.

The first appears strong but is weak, the second appears weak but is strong.

Might all we do be warped in love

Has someone ever tried to convert you by power and not love?

 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9