Nextel Church

When I was starting high school I had a Nextel phone. I could page or “chirp” my friends like a walkie-talkie. If you were anybody, you had a Nextel. Texting packages didn’t exist, Facebook wasn’t around, I didn’t have any apps.

The major selling point was that I could use a phone (one that I could already call people with) as a walkie-talkie. And you could only chirp someone with a Nextel. If you wanted the feature, you needed a Nextel.

Times have changed however. We now have phones we can customize. Apps we can develop from our home computer. Web-pages created by a stay at home mom or a middle schooler. The world has become a place, more than ever, where we can create. You can run your company from your blackberry. 

The world is customizable.

But sometimes, in the church, we can find ourselves still psyched we can use a walkie-talkie. And we want everyone else to get one too!

but being someone who is younger but working in the church I have to ask the question, what is the next generation seeking form the church?

The answer?

People are seeking a place where they can theologically form their community while being formed by it. They don’t want a church to talk at them, they want a church to talk with them.

And the beauty is, the more ownership someone has to create, the more they stay invested in it because it’s their’s

Not only that but the community become richer and deeper with the involvement of others.
My friend who is a pastor once said to me over dinner after his message, “I feel like I am always teaching the same thing.” I replied, “well that’s good, if you start teaching something new, we have a problem.”

This is not about creating new theology, deviating from tradition, or abandoning who God has proven himself to be throughout history.

This is about allowing the church to be the catalyst by which we communicate God to the world.

People want to create. They were created to create.

Might we continue to move to a place where the church no longer sits static, but stands as a living representation of the people has gathered together, and unique expression of how He has gifted them to communicate Him to the world. 


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